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Brand Building

In recent times, building a powerful brand and connecting with its customer base more effectively has been one of SMAP’s main focus areas. As we grow geographically and as our product portfolio accommodates a wider set of consumer needs, we have realized that the right brand environment and communication can be of incomparable value for our customers to experience and adopt our new initiatives.

SMAP has, thus, undertaken a Brand Building campaign encompassing all India to enhance our visibility, showcase our new ground-breaking products and build the base for SMAP to emerge as a power to reckon with, in future. This includes not just creating a warm and welcoming store setting, but also trained staff members well-equipped to respond to customer needs, state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology.

While our network is spread to all the metros and tier-1 cities, we have vowed not to limit the Brand Building Campaign to Urban India.

In a recent time, Brand Building has been treated as one of the most important activities. As our channel partners and customers see the tangible benefits of the activity, it has already crossed the borders of Metros and cities, and has reached rural and remote areas. From the most posh residential areas of Mumbai to the small town of less than 5000 population Jaspur in Uttaranchal, SMAP has a common identity today.

We also believe that this campaign is binding us as an organization and aligning us to our common organizational goals apart from enhancing our visibility, bringing us new business and strengthening the already strong bond between franchisees and the management.

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