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Start a sMap Logistics  franchise today

Associate with sMap Logistics and get hands-on training in managing the franchise to provide swift logistics solutions. Create customer satisfaction and grow your business.

All about franchise partnership

It is a seamless and swift process where delivery personnel of franchisee partners pick up shipments from our allocated points and deliver them to the customer's doorstep.

How does it work?

What we do?

sMap Logistics not only distributes the e-commerce load, generates revenue & provides training and monitors the performance of the delivery partners of franchisee holders, franchisees are also provided with a training program and given access to our Employee Resource Planning portal.

What costs are incurred by the franchisee?

Having an effective tech infrastructure such as laptops, printers and delivery personnel are some facets that the franchisee has to possess.

Grow your business with sMap

Channel the growth of India's leading logistics brand into your business with sMap franchise partnership program

Let’s set you up for success


Team up as a franchisee with sMap Logistics , and become a part of our strong network covering 500+ cities and over 7000 pin codes.


An effective, hands-on training is provided to all franchise partners so they become a holistic part of the sMap Logistics family

24/7 support

You can reach out to sMap Logistics representatives at any point of the day.

Access to APIs

Franchise partners will be given complete access to APIs which is our stronghold and makes logistics solutions seamless and affordable.

Who is your franchise partner?

This program is an extension of the sMap last mile pick-up and delivery network. We seek entrepreneurs willing to run their own pick-up and delivery business and serve as long term last mile partners for sMap.

Who can become a franchise partner?

Anyone with the ability to set up basic necessary infrastructure and staffing to manage pick-up and delivery operations and with an understanding of their local geography is eligible to become a partner.

How long does the application process take?

It can take anywhere between 12 to 15 days. After a thorough evaluation process, sMap picks a Partner who is appointed exclusively to the specific mutually agreed pincode geography.

Does it takes anything to become a partner for sMap?

Yes. If you choose to join the programme, you’ll need to provide a security deposit amount ranging from ₹1-5 lakhs (refundable without interest) or a similar amount of bank guarantee. If you’re a professional in the delivery business, it’s likely that you already have the necessary infrastructure in place. If not, setting up the necessary requirements might incur initial start-up costs like office space, IT assets, etc.

Will training be provided?

Yes, sMap will provide virtual and physical training. You’ll also have access to online training content for future reference.

What are the daily operations like?

Daily operations involve adhering to basic operational processes- receiving bags at centers, sorting of parcels, dispatching them to customers for successful deliveries along with reverse pick-ups from customers. Additionally, daily compliance on cash deposition and audits are mandatory. All status updates will be monitored using our technology platform.

Is this an exclusive program? Can I sub- franchise it?

No, this is not an exclusive program. You’re free to run other parallel businesses. Sub-franchising of operations, however, is prohibited and defaulters will invite strict action.

How does a partner get paid?

Payments are done on a per-parcel basis, every month. The sMap team raises invoices, and upon acceptance by the partner, payments are processed further.

How many areas/city/ state can a partner cover?

This varies by the partner. Reliable, long-term partners are encouraged to expand serviceability and take on larger areas.

What is the tenure of the agreement?

This will be a permanent agreement, which is revised and renewed annually. sMap retains the right to terminate a contract with a partner subject to the partner not meeting required performance and compliance standards.

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